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  1. “whatever befalls you is actually an invitation to be closer to Him” ma shaa Allah, such sweet and true words. really enjoyed this lovely and inspiring and motivating post… May Allah swt bless Shamsiah and her family with ease, good health, and lots of happy times. amin!

  2. Siti nuraini says:

    Your story really inspired me to be strong and have my fullest faith in allah. My daughter is suffering from major thalassemia alpha.and everytime i saw her crying when doing the monthly transfusion and daily chelation therapy it’sreally break my heart.i pray and dua everyday for her to cure.but now i almost gaving up in dua.thank you to you for sharing ur inspiration story about how you went through the obstacle.it’s really make me stronger n not gave up in allah.subhallah.. thank you again sis for sharing your story.

  3. Mohamed says:

    After reading through , my assumption is leave it to Allah SWT . He know best and everything
    The stronger your faith , the closer you are with Allah
    There will come many challenges and test from Almighty and all those things happen with reason . He want you to be near him

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