Where to Volunteer, Donate and Learn in Ramadhan 2015 (Singapore)


Alhamdulillah, Allah has allowed us to meet the blessed month of Ramadhan again. Abu Hurayrah reported that the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him) said:

Every action a son of Adam does shall be multiplied—a good action by ten times its value, up to 700 times. Allah says: With the exception of fasting, which belongs to Me, and I reward it accordingly. For, one abandons his desire and food for My sake.

There are two occasions of joy for a fasting person: one when he breaks his fast, and the other when he meets his Lord, and the (bad) breath (of a fasting person) is better in the sight of Allah than the fragrance of musk. (Al-Bukhari) 

I know that you’re probably looking for ways to contribute and gain knowledge this Ramadhan. I’ve tried my very best to list out as many projects as I can below. If I missed out on anything, feel free to comment and I will add it, in shaa Allah!


Ongoing: Back2Basics

Ongoing: Volunteer at Darul Arqam

Ongoing: PPIS

18 June – 17 July: Ramadan 2015 Volunteer at Masjid En-Naeem

20 June (males only), 27 June: Food for Ramadan

27 June: Ramadhan on Wheels Home Makeovers

27 June, 4 July: Project Joy 2015

4 July, 5 July: Ramadan Charity Basket 2015

9 July, 12 July: Masjid Salim Mattar Fundraising @ Expo

12 July: Project Goodwill Aid Hari Raya Drive 2015

12 July: FTPC Syawal Grocery Distribution

22 August – 6 December: The Numbers Story




Critical Xchange (CRIX) Fundraising Iftar (Event on 5 July. RSVP by 29 June)

Food for Ramadan

Infaq Ramadan dan Bubur Ramadan (Al-Istighfar)

Islamic Relief Singapore

Masakan Singapura by Chef Faridah Hanum  (The author is a hardworking single mother with a heart of gold. $3 of every book’s sale will be channeled to PPIS As-Salaam Family Support Center to support their work in helping single mothers emotionally.)

Ramadan Charity Basket 2015


20 June: Seminar Du’a & Harapan

20 & 27 June, 4 & 11 July: Alchemy of Hippieness – Tadarus + Quran Clinic for Brothers

20 & 27 June, 4 & 11 July: Alchemy of Hippienss – Tadarus Al Quran for Sisters

13 June – 15 July: Al-Mukinin – Program Ramadan 1435H

20 June: Darul Arqam – The Beauty of Sacrifice and Struggle by Ustaz Tarmidzi

20 June, 27 June: Alqudwah Academy – Ramadan Rendezvous

21 June: Surrendering All Your Broken Pieces to God

21 June, 5 July and 12 July: Conversations with God

23 June: Transcending Multiracialism: A Case Study of the Hijab Debate in Singapore

27 June: Darul Arqam – Month of Mercy by Ustaz Bani Ali

27 & 28 June: Connecting with Confidence (Solat Workshop – Ramadan Special)

4 July: Peace Retreat 15: Seizing Your Blessings

4 July: Darul Arqam – Beyond the Chase by Ustaz Saif-ur-Rahman

4-5 July Mosque Tech Challenge

7 July: Reflections on Muslim Women’s Roles and Contributions in History

11 July: Darul Arqam – The Spirit of Eid by Ustaz Fizar Zainal

1 August: Safinah Talks 24: Success Through The Eyes of Mercy (A Syawal Special)

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    Asslmkum sis mashallah this is very useful thank you so much for sharing. I am currently sourcing on this to do my part.


    1. Wa’alaikumussalam! Alhamdulillah! Thank you sooo much for helping to source too. I really appreciate it.

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