Gathering of Lovers

I really owe a lot to you. Yes, I’m talking to you, fellow seeker. Without your faith in me, it would have probably been difficult for me to continue writing. Today, I’ll let you in on a little secret. I’ll tell you more about the person who has influenced my writings greatly and made a profound impact on my life.

I don’t know about you but when I was young, I sometimes found it hard to relate to stories from the Quran and Hadith. For example, when one told me stories about the prophets, I felt a disconnect. I naively thought that I could not possibly experience something similar to what someone encountered thousands of years ago. Because of that, I tended to zone out when such stories were being told.

A few years ago, I was introduced to Ustaz Saif-ur-Rahman. For some inexplicable reason, when I asked my siblings to accompany me to his classes, they actually agreed! It had been years since we had gone for any together. Looking back, it wasn’t that incomprehensible. I found out later that we all had separately and silently harboured the intention to deepen our knowledge in Islam. After the first lesson, we never looked back. Alhamdulillah.

No, I will not compare Ustaz Saif-ur-Rahman to other teachers. I am not comfortable with doing that because I don’t want to make it seem like they are not good enough for me. Instead, I will share why he is an amazing teacher on his own merits.

1) He relates what he teaches back to everyday life

Ustaz Saif-ur-Rahman makes it a point to ensure that we can identify with what he teaches, ma shaa Allah. Because of him, I am constantly reminded of the strong link between Islam and my life. Every lesson, his golden nuggets of wisdom, which are laced with practicality, make me remember how timeless the teachings of our religion are. For instance, just because our prophets lived in a different time doesn’t mean that we cannot learn from their fascinating, inspiring journeys.

2) He doesn’t intimidate you

If I could loosely sum up what Ustaz stands for, it is this – finding the middle way, always. He teaches us that Islam is not just about rules. It’s about maintaining balance; being moderate in all aspects of our lives. It’s about being the best ‘you’ that you can be. It’s about finding it in yourself to be compassionate because everyone is struggling and fighting a tough battle.

3) He knows his stuff 

Ustaz Saif-ur-Rahman is the only person I know who has obtained his LLB (Honours) from the National University of Singapore and is an International Fulbright Scholar of Law and Religious Studies.While in the United States, he taught Judaism, Christianity, and Islam as undergraduate core modules and was the head academic for Christian Traditions at the Faculty of Religious Studies. At the Masters level, he taught Introduction to Syariah Law at the Faculty of Law.

I could go on and on about his credentials but I won’t. I think that this quote, that he seems to really love, is enough to show you how humble Ustaz is and how beautiful it is to seek knowledge from him.


If the qualities that I have described above appeal to you, I have good news. Two of Ustaz Saif-ur-Rahman’s classes are commencing this week. Take a chance. You won’t regret it, in shaa Allah. Click here to sign up now.

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