Ordinarily Extraordinary – Suhaimi Sudar

If you don’t mind, could you tell me more about your condition?

I suffer from mild cerebral palsy since birth. It’s a neurological disorder that affects my motor ability and physical movement. Generally, my limbs are weak.

What challenges have you faced?

In school, sometimes it’s difficult for me to follow the lesson as I face slowness in writing. I can do sports but not as good as a normal person. For example, I can run but not as fast due to my weaker legs.

How did you overcome these challenges?

I’m thankful that I have friends who are understanding and helpful during my school days. I also consult my teachers and profs whenever I’m in doubt. When doing sports, I know where’s my limit, so I just give my best and enjoy the game.

Alhamdulillah. Did religion help in any way?

It helped me in EVERY way! -grin- In facing difficulties when growing up, Allah has given me strength that keeps me going every day. It made me realise that what’s important is for me to give my best in everything I do. Day by day, I become more aware that eventually, rezeki comes from Him. We can plan but He is the best of planners. But of course, we have to usaha at the same time.

Alhamdulillah, with all these realisations and blessings from Him, I have managed to be closer and closer to Him. Now, I strive to do everything for the sake of Allah. -smiles-

Ahhh Susu! You’re making me cry! How was it like representing Singapore for the ASEAN Para Games?

As I mentioned earlier, Allah is the best of all planners. Football has been my passion since young. But because of my condition, I know that I can only play for fun, with friends and families recreationally. However, last year I found out that there’s a football team for persons with cerebral palsy, Singapore Cerebral Palsy Football Team. I remember I was like… “Ma Sha Allah!” I immediately approached the team and never looked back. And the rest is history. -laughs- Chey…

How do I feel representing Singapore? The feeling of playing the sport you love for the country you love is simply beyond words. -grin-


That’s so great!! I am sooo proud of youuuu. What are your dreams for the future?

No big plans for now. I’m more of a man of the moment ’cause I enjoy living a simple life. I just completed my studies at Singapore Management University (SMU) and am currently searching for a job. I’m looking forward to my next stage of life.

Talking about ‘stage’, I’m also currently rehearsing for a Malay theatre production on the 21st of June. It’s like my testimonial performance as a closure to my SMU journey. I started to enjoy performing in Malay theatre in my freshman days. ‘How Did The Cat Get So Fat’ together with you, Alia! -laughs- Another passion of mine… Come and watch! Promo sikit boleh eh. -laughs-

Persada 2014

Bolehhh… Who are your role models?

My first role model, of course, is my mum. Whatever she does is for the family. She always puts others before herself. She has sacrificed a lot over the years and I hope that one day, I’m able to sacrifice for her as much as what she has sacrificed for me.

Another role model is my late relative, who unfortunately passed away last year at a young age of 21. Both of us grew up together and we were close. But you know, only when people are far away from you do we begin to appreciate them more. Ever since he left this world, I began to realize that he has the kindest of souls. He has a very good heart… A very good man. His life story, despite being short, is an inspiration to me. He has always been in my heart.

Innalillainnalillahiwainnailaihirojiun… What has inspired you most about your cousin?

He ignored whatever people said to him and he would always remain strong because he knew his niat is good.

That’s really good, alhamdulillah. Do you have any words of advice from your mom that you remember always?

“Selalu ingat Allah”

Simple and poignant! You live life to the fullest. You received a scholarship for undergraduate studies. You act. You took part in the ASEAN Para Games. What would you say to people who afraid to do more in their lives?

If we love doing something, then we shouldn’t be afraid. Just put your heart into it and give your best. Passion and sincerity, that’s all… ‘Cause with these two, you will gain the confidence in you that will spur you on amidst all the challenges that come your way. In Shaa Allah. -grin-




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